Blood Building Foods And Fruits

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Blood Building Foods And Fruits. Beef, red meats eggs kidney beans liver oyster sardine seeds tuna. In general, the same lean red meats, organ meats, seafood and poultry with high levels of iron are also rich in vitamin b12.

Potassium rich foods Fitness Pinterest Potassium
Potassium rich foods Fitness Pinterest Potassium from

Eating kale, eggs, green leafy vegetables, liver, meat, cabbage, parsley,. Non vegetarian foods are rich in iron which is important for increasing red blood cells. Load up on vitamin k foods to increase blood platelets include vitamin k rich foods.

Add algae (high chlorophyll content) as they’re the richest sources of iron.

Leafy green like kale and collards back this up, with a little raw lettuce in summer. Pomegranate makes for one of the best fruits for boosting your blood count. This nutrient is necessary to ensure a healthy growth of cells at an optimum level in the body. The iron found in meat and fish, called heme iron, is more easily absorbed.