Potato Plant Flowering Early

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Potato Plant Flowering Early. I've never grown potatoes before, so i don't quite understand what's happening to my plant. Once pollinated, the transformation into a fruit begins.

Solanum crispum flower (01/05/2011, London) Plants
Solanum crispum flower (01/05/2011, London) Plants from www.pinterest.com

It's over 5 feet tall. Planting time varies, depending on the type of potato you’re growing: A potato plant will sometimes flower when it is close to maturity.

Why not grow your own potatoes for that organic taste.

Water splashing infected soil onto the lower leaves of a plant There are the following categories of seed potatoes: First early potatoes are harvested in june and july, when the plants are still flowering and the potatoes are about the size of a large hen’s egg (gently rummage around in the soil to check). In this review, shoot development is quantified in terms of stem production, while stem development is quantified in terms of leaf and flower primordia production per stem, which are functions of the rates and the durations of primordia initiation.